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Here Is The Complete Guide To Kick Start Your Career In Modelling

Career In Modelling


A model is a person who works and poses for advertising companies or any campaigns for promoting and displaying commercial products. A model can also pose for photography and behave as a visual treat for people creating artwork. Best Career Counselling in India states that modelling is different from acting, dancing or performing something. Though models play roles in movies and skits, the exact meaning of modelling is that it is an art which doesn’t involve speaking. Many famous heroines and heroes started their careers as a model and flourished in the film and entertainment industry. Modelling comprises many types: Bikini, fashion, glamour, fitness, fine art, body-part, commercial, plus-size model, etc.

Basic qualifications for modelling

There are no specific educational qualifications needed to have a career in modelling, t. One should have a portfolio of professional photos. With the portfolio, a person can knock on the doors of reputed modelling agencies and try their luck in the field. An aspirant for modelling can participate in contests conducted by various fashion magazines, newspapers, cloth and cosmetics companies etc., to reserve a place for themselves or publicity and recognition. But it is preferred to complete schooling or graduation nowadays to bag an offer in reputed model agencies.

The recruiting companies expect models to be good-looking with healthy and fair complexion. A female model is expected to be 5.7 inches to 6 inches taller and a male model should be more than 6 inches tall. Though the stereotypes are broken and people who don’t fit into the criteria also excel in modelling, some old media houses and ad companies follow these rules like old school. Other than specific body features like being fit, lean, and having lustrous hair, a model must have a photogenic face. With all the above mentioned and little confidence, a model can reach heights in the modelling industry.

Models who have won pageant titles conduct grooming sessions. Career Counselling in Bangalore states that one can attend those classes and benefit from them. Apart from that, there are certificate and diploma courses in modelling, creative arts & design and fashion styling. There are art courses in acting and modelling as well.

Essential skills and qualities for modelling

Good looks alone cannot help you set a place in the modelling industry. Models should have certain skills and qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. Listed below are the basic qualities and skills required to become a model.

Passion- If you are dreaming to become a model, you should have a burning passion for the field. Since modelling is a competitive field, it is necessary to have sheer determination and you need to put a lot of effort and hard work to become one. In the initial period, you might face many hurdles and get the thought of giving up, but it is your never-ending passion and love for the career that pushes you to go further. So for a model, passion and determination to succeed in the field is a must.

Confidence– Modelling is a field where you need to show your face and body on screen. You pose for photography, movies and other campaigns and events. If you are a camera-shy person, you will not be able to confidently face the world. For a model, confidence is the key. The work of the model requires them to walk for pageants and do ramp walks. Only a model with utmost confidence can ace the stage and shine in this field.

Hard work– You need to put in a lot of hard work to see the fruits of success in the modelling industry. Be prepared to climb the stairs of many model agencies to get nothing. You should not give up at any point and it is crucial to get the contacts and follow them consistently to get a chance. Best Career Counselling in India states that it is your hard work that makes you reach the sky and nothing else.

Patience– If you are a new bee, it might be tough to digest but, reaching a peak in the modelling industry overnight is impossible. You must have patience and keep trying until you get it. Many model agencies and advertisement companies work with well-known faces and popular models. Finding out all the odds with persistence will take you to heights someday.

Knowledge- Knowing about photography and cinematography is like adding feathers to your crown. If you are a model and can do your make-up, there is a high chance that you might get recruited by the model agencies. Fashion style, photography and makeup are the three main things for a model to learn and understand.

Fitness– Fitness doesn’t mean you need to be lean and zero-sized. It means you have to be healthy and have the stamina to stay for long hours shooting and filming. If you funk up with an hour of a shoot for photography or ad campaigns, then the directors and the artists would not opt to work with you considering your health issues. So, it is necessary to take food, juices and other healthy snacks in between to stay fresh and fine.

Interaction- If you want to become a model or maintain the place where you are in the field, you need to communicate. Having excellent communication skills will portray you as a confident and knowledgeable person. It is crucial to maintain contact with the directors, agents, and producers constantly to keep yourself in the field.

Skills required to become a model as suggested by Career Counselling in Bangalore are negotiation skills, flexibility, problem-solving skills, positive attitude skills, decision-making skills, detailed oriented skills, alertness, dexterity, etc.

How do I become a model with no previous experience?

Listed below are the ways for an aspirant of modelling to shine in the field, with any previous experience or strong background.

Strong Portfolio- A portfolio is something every model must possess. No one is going to offer you a role seeing you in person. Only when you provide the directors and the producers with multiple photos of different categories and styles, there are chances for them to give you a chance. It is crucial to go for professional photos instead of selfies and other unprofessional things.

Build your social media profile- Nowadays, people who have more followers and more exposure on social media get offers from media and model agencies a lot, effortlessly. So you must maintain a decent yet professional social media page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. People find talents these days from social pages. One viral video or photo can change your life upside down for good.

Join Workshops and courses- If you want to become a model and do not where to start, join the workshops conducted by famous models and even actors. You will get to learn the art of grooming yourself along with the necessary qualities required to be a model from those workshops. There are professional certifications and diploma courses which you can take and enjoy the benefits. You will know a lot about the industry and how it works.

Participate in pageants and competitions- If you are an aspiring model, then ramp walking in pageants and taking part in beauty competitions will be your dream. The Best Career Counselling in India encourages everyone to try to participate in all the pageants and beauty competitions with confidence. You need not win the title, but the participation itself is a wholesome experience and no one can teach you better than reality and practicality.

Do collaborations- If you are a beginner in modelling and have decent followers on Instagram or any other social media pages, start doing collaborations with brands. Once when you start doing it, your face will be recognised by many. There are a lot of people who started by collaborations now playing roles in serials and films. Collaborations with brands and other popular persons, will help you to enhance yourself and boosts your confidence.

Scope of modelling in India

Modelling is one of the most sought after jobs in India at present. An aspirant who starts his or her career as a model will have many opportunities in movies, advertisements and theatres as a theatre artist. A model will get a chance to work in the movie industry, theatre industry, fashion industry, advertising industry and magazine agencies.

A fresher in modelling will earn up to INR 5000 to 10000 per show and a well-established model will earn a handful amount of INR 20000 to INR 50000 per show. Previously, the modelling industry was said to be dominated by women. But these days, both men and women are equally represented and given chances.


Patience and consistency will help you keep up the position and reach heights. Best Career Counselling in Bangalore says passionate and determined people will be able to break all the barriers and make a place for themselves in the modelling field.

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