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Wednesday, April 10, 2024
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How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Improve Your Home’s Security

How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Improve Your Home's Security

Crime rates as far as home security goes have been fluctuating ever since the pandemic started, one of the leading causes for which is that a lot of people are now unemployed. While robberies aren’t as easy to pull off since people are mostly home, the risk of homeowners getting hurt in such a situation, if it does occur, has risen significantly. While there’s no way to ensure that something like this never happens, there are ways to increase security around your home. One of the best ways to do this is through lighting.

Good outdoor lighting not only improves the look of your home but also has a lot of functionality. Here are some ways through which you can use lighting to improve your home security. For a range of useful and convenient products and services for your smart home, Smartmart by FirstEnergy is a great option to look into.

Solar-Powered Lights

These lights are a good choice if you want to improve home security because they require little monitoring. With zero manual effort, solar-powered lights automatically turn on when it gets dark out, and turn off when the sun is up again. Installing these lights outside will illuminate your home properly, without you doing it manually every night, or even scheduling it. They are bright, have a long life, and even make your home look more aesthetically pleasing. They turn on even if no one is at home, which may give outsiders the impression that there are people inside, even when there aren’t. This ensures a certain level of security even when you’re away from home.

The only possible drawback of these lights is the initial investment. While they may cost a bit to install, the benefits they bring are certainly worth it. Make the most of your new investment by researching Reliant Energy rates and selecting their renewable solar energy plan, which will allow you to start generating money from your solar lights in no time.


The porch is a really important place that should be well lit because it provides the easiest access into your home, one that you yourself would allow people in through. If the porch is not well-lit, you could open the door to a complete stranger; worst-case scenario you could up getting hurt and no one would be able to see what happened because it was dark. Not only do porch lights allow robbers to think twice about breaking in, they also allow you to see who has visited you before you even open the door.

Porch lights work best when they’re paired with other lights in the area, such as garage and indoor lights. The coordination ensures that they don’t look out of place. Getting a porch light can really turn out to be one of the smartest investments for any homeowner.

Direct the Lights Well

You may have the right amount of light outside your home, but if it isn’t directed well, it might not be able to fulfill its purpose. Posting lights have to do with making sure that they’re placed in a way that you can get the maximum use out of them. They must not cancel each other out, or focus on one area too much. You can achieve a decently-lit outdoor environment with even minimal lighting. There are a lot of DIYs and such out there to help you decide the perfect way for you to light your home.

For this purpose, the best idea would be to go for smart lights, since they give you a lot of options to customize. Through smart lights, you can change color, intensity, and lighting schedule. You can do all of this remotely, which makes them very convenient. 

Light Areas with Access to the House

We have already talked about its importance, but the porch isn’t the only place that you should worry about. Garage, backyard, and any extra windows and doors are also important places that should be well-lit.  This ensures that no matter where a breach of security may occur, you can always be somewhat prepared and detect it before matters get worse. You can do this using any kind of light; all you really need to make sure is that they are bright, functional, and reliable enough to do the job.

Get a Smart Garage Door

A smart garage door does a lot more than just saving you some money on electricity bills. If you choose the right door, it can manage and monitor activity inside and around your garage using lights, motion sensors, and even high-level security cameras with night-vision. 

Several garage doors come with their own lights, and these often have really long lifespans and function automatically when required. A garage is one of the easiest ways for anyone who wants to sneak in to access your home, so protecting that entrance as best as possible should be at the top of any homeowner’s priority list. 


When thinking of smart home automation, lighting is one of the main things people consider. It’s a very important decision, considering that lighting can completely transform the look of any living space if done right. Lighting has multiple uses, but security remains to be one of its most important functions. We hope the tricks we have mentioned allow you to better secure your home.

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