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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Is It Worth Buying Recruitment Software?

Is It Worth Buying Recruitment Software?
Is It Worth Buying Recruitment Software?

Recruiters work to fill a talent gap, matching qualified job seekers with the advertised role. In this competitive industry, recruiters are looking to do this job quickly and efficiently. And good recruitment software helps recruiters achieve this goal.


Most recruitment software buyers are looking to have their needs addressed. They want a definitive recruiting tool that can push them to do their job better and faster. They want to leave the lesser important jobs to the software. They want an increase in productivity. They want to nurture their network of qualified professionals. They want to ensure hiring companies get the perfect candidate.

The right recruitment software is a powerful tool that immediately gives a competitive edge to the recruiter. But it’s vital to have CRM software that feels tailored to each recruitment agency’s needs. Because even if a software system and their vendor feels like the right choice, there are numerous things to consider before finalizing the deal.

Outlining common recruitment challenges and the possible solutions one would like to achieve are critical steps. This helps focus the search to only a specific kind of software.

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In 2021, recruiters want software that facilitates-

  • Proactive candidate sourcing
  • Quality online networking
  • Improved teamwork for better results
  • Better candidate management
  • Speedy hiring process

Partnering with recruitment software that can resolve ongoing issues whilst providing new and improved ways of hiring is ideal. The reason why recruitment agencies invest in recruiting CRM is the amount of time and effort they can save. Most often, recruiters will be expending a lot of effort and energy on tasks that are essential but not high-value. A suitable CRM solution can step in to complete these tasks in half the time with minimal risk of errors. Recruiters can transfer this energy towards networking and building relationships which should be a long-term and continuous process.

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Recruiters are also responsible for ensuring that all the candidates’ compliance checks are in place. Right-to-work documents and GDPR consent have to be checked and obtained. These are legally binding. Another important regulation coming to effect soon is IR35. For recruiters who do not have comprehensive knowledge of legal matters, their recruitment software should be able to help. Because not complying with any of these crucial regulations can result in heavy fines for hiring companies and recruitment agencies.

The reality of working from home has moved networking from offline events to the online world. Recruiting software buyers can enjoy efficient scheduling of video calls and interview reminders. It also provides a convenient way to summarise the last conversation with potential candidates.

Teamwork can continue as efficiently as before if recruiters have cloud-based software. All the data is stored in the cloud. This enables them to share their data, discuss and send feedback quickly. Work doesn’t need to stop if a colleague is away sick or on holiday.

All these advantages lead to more productivity. Recruiters find themselves spending less time on not very important items and investing more energy in work that is more essential. Hiring gets quicker, the quality of hire gets better, and long-term business growth can be prioritized. These make buying recruitment software essential in 2021.

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