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Friday, May 24, 2024

Stargirl’s Eclipso: A Glance at Season Two’s Big Villain


Geoff Johns, producer of the CW original television series “Stargirl,” found an enthusiastic fanbase with the show, which stars Courtney Whitmore, a teenager who acquires superhuman abilities when she finds the Cosmic Staff. She recruits members for the new Justice Society of American and becomes a superhero. Throughout her adventures in Season 1 of the show, Stargirl encounters and combats many villains, including Shiro Ito the Dragon King. Cindy Burman/Shiv, Jordan Mahkent/Icicle and Henry King Sr./Brainwave, most of whom are members of the opposing Injustice Society of America. One character that had a minor appearance in Season 1 of the hit show is Eclipso, who debuted as a sinister voice emanating from a blue diamond held by Cindy Burman. This antagonist is set to be a starring villain in Season 2, but who is he exactly?

Who Is Eclipso in the Show?

So far in Seasons 1 and 2, Eclipso remains trapped in the afore-mentioned diamond, though this may change as the season progresses. At one point in Season 2, he takes control of Cindy Burman’s body. He seems to feed off of negative emotions like hatred and corruption and claims to “serve.”

Who Is Eclipso in the Comics?

Eclipso, like many of DC’s villains and superheroes, has gone through more than one incarnation. Originally, the name was given to a scientist named Bruce Gordon who, after sustaining injuries in a confrontation with a tribal sorcerer, underwent Jekyll and Hyde transformations, morphing into the evil, superpowered Eclipso during eclipses.

A later retcon saw Eclipso as a demon of vengeance who had possessed Gordon rather than a dark side created by an incident. This being had previously been trapped within a black diamond named The Heart of Darkness that was later shattered into many shards. Through these shards, he was able to possess individuals like Gordon and manifest when eclipses occurred.

Eventually, he was changed to the embodiment of God’s wrath, an incredibly powerful cosmic being who was supposedly responsible for the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible.  He was also trapped in The Heart of Darkness.

What Are Eclipso’s Powers?

Eclipso has the aforementioned ability to take over people, which he demonstrated when he partially took over Cindy Burman/Shiv. In the comics, he was able to alter the memories of and use the powers of those he possessed and even bestow extra strength and powers on them. He has also demonstrated the powers of immortality, flight, energy projection, gigantification, invulnerability, superhuman stamina and strength and magical powers that allow feats such as mass-scale weather manipulation.

What Does Eclipso Look Like?

Outside of the diamond he inhabits, Eclipso has goblin-like features, a humanoid body and grayish skin. He has red eyes, a large nose and pointy, hooked ears. He is marred with numerous scars.

Eclipso is the big bad of Season 2 of Stargirl. Though his appearances in the first of the season are not major, it is obvious his role is a major one. Given his background and power level in the comics, he is bound to be a source of extreme challenge for Stargirl and her companions.

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