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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Advantages and Disadvantage of Wearable Technology at Work


Wearable Technology is a type of device that can be comfortably worn on the user’s body. It can be a part of your clothing or used as an accessory. Various wearable devices can perform different tasks similar to smartphones and laptops. There are even instances when they can provide capabilities that conventional technologies cannot provide. Richard Bishara noticed how the integration of wearable technologies in the business and workplace is expanding at an astounding rate.

Pros and Cons of Using Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Based on the statistics, at least seven out of ten people own wearable technology. It means that the time when we can fully implement them in our workplace will soon be a reality. Just like any new technology that is integrated into our business or workplace, there are some positives and negatives that you need to consider.


In a work environment, the function of wearable technology is to help create seamless communication among the employees. Numerous businesses have already implemented this, enabling the staff to effectively share information while working in different areas. The newer wearables help in taking the communication process a notch higher. Those who are working in the office can use it to immediately answer a message from social media or respond to an e-mail message. The streamlined process and ease of access greatly bolsters productivity inside the company. It will not only be beneficial to the employees but on the viability of the business.

Health Care

Wearable technologies can greatly help in optimizing the well-being and health of employees. A lot of companies have reported a sudden improvement in the fitness and health of their employees after encouraging them to use these wearable technologies. It tells them the number of steps that they need to take, the amount of water intake they require, their heartbeat, blood pressure, and others. As we say, healthy workers translate to a profitable business. It boosts the morale inside the office environment, improves their engagement and satisfaction rate that increases their efficiency.

Privacy Problem

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns related to wearable technology would be the privacy of the user, according to Richard Bishara. It is probably because they are unaware of the data being collected and shared. If you are being compelled to wear it inside or outside the workplace, there is a possibility that your manager will get to know details beyond what is required. The infringement on the private life of the wearer can be as simple as the time on and off at work or divulging of the medical condition.

By considering how to implement wearable technologies in the workplace and highlighting the limitation and functions of the device, you can take advantage of all its benefits while eliminating the drawbacks. Choosing the right device can also help in protecting your employees. You can find a technology that offers security programs, such as user authentication, password, data encryption, etc. Failing to safeguard the information of your people can lead to a very costly mistake.

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