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Monday, July 15, 2024

How A Time Clock App Can Help Your Construction Business 

How A Time Clock App Can Help Your Construction Business 

Construction businesses know that time is money. Almost every job has a deadline and every day that goes by costs money. Once a job goes over the deadline, the damages can be devastating. Using a time clock app is one of the best ways to help keep your construction business running. Knowing who’s working, how many hours they are working, and whether they are productive will help keep jobs on schedule and save your business money and time. 

Not only that, construction businesses are often heavily reliant on their reputation. Being able to complete jobs on time consistently or early, having reliable crews who show up and complete their work in a timely fashion, and managing the number of personnel on any given job site will not only help construction businesses stay afloat, it will help them thrive by building a reputation of fast, competent, and efficient work. 

Monitoring Attendance and Crew Size

Using a time clock app to monitor attendance will allow a business to determine who is showing up when and where. This lets the business plan out their work crews better. If one team continually has an absent member, that crew may not complete their portion of a job on schedule. This may lead to the entire project being behind schedule. Every day that a job is active costs the business money in wages and materials. Having adequate crew sizes for the job at hand is essential to keep projects moving. 

Identifying crucial issues before they become a problem is another benefit of a time and attendance app. If a particular crew is routinely behind or short-handed due to employee absences, the business may need to hire more employees or replace existing teams altogether. 

Identifying Trends Helps Plan Jobs Better

By using an employer time clock app, a construction business can monitor hours and therefore bid jobs more effectively. By comparing how much time it takes employees or crews to complete a specific task, the company can adjust future bids to account for places where crews took longer or overbid the time estimate to account for possible overages. This leads to better overall efficiency and job completion. 

Eventually, the business can identify when and where problems may occur or how long it will take to fix a given problem based on past experience. Having all of this information available in your online timesheet software provides your construction business the flexibility to plan for issues and how to deal with them before they even occur. Companies that can foresee potential problems and plan accordingly will be more profitable in the long run.

A timesheet management app can also help to avoid outright scheduling conflicts. If you know that a crew is likely to take longer on a job than customarily scheduled, you can avoid taking additional jobs or lining up subsequent crews when one task has yet to be completed. Avoiding conflicts like these will improve productivity on the job site. 

Monitoring Hours and Overtime With A Time Clock App

Overtime is still a consideration, even for a construction business on a deadline. Overtime wages cost extra money; often, these additional expenses aren’t accounted for in a job bid. Therefore, monitoring employee hours with an online timecard system can help make sure that employees don’t go over their scheduled hours unless absolutely necessary.

Instead, a business may choose to shift hours to other employees or crews, or if need be, investigate employee productivity to see whether or not work is being done during usually scheduled hours. All of these things are beneficial to a construction business. 

If you own or manage a construction business and have a hard time overseeing your crews and their work hours, a time clock app can certainly help. It takes a complicated, time-consuming process and automates it so those in charge can turn their focus back to more critical operational tasks.

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