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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A Guide for Buying Button Badges in the UK


Button badges, also known as button pins or pin badges, come in various shapes and can be worn on your clothing or bag. The badges are made from plastic, metal, or wood and have a metal pin or clip on the back that attaches to your clothes.

The button badges can be worn as swag or for identification purposes. In some schools, best-performing students wear badges to show their exemplary performance in class work or extra-curricular activities.

These badges can also be used for promotional purposes. Custom-branded button badges feature a logo and brand colors. Below are tips to consider when buying button badges in the UK.

Review Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials will help you learn more about product quality and durability. You will also know more about the manufacturer’s reliability and customer service. Visit the manufacturer’s website and preview some of the brands they have worked with before.

Don’t forget to check the portfolio section to see the types of badges and designs available from the brand. The review and portfolio sections will give adequate information about the manufacturer, customer services, and the quality of their badges.

What Are Your Requirements?

As mentioned before, custom button badges can be a good promotional product. If you want something that you can customize, it is best to have a design idea. Custom-branded pin badges should feature your brand’s colors and logo.

You can hire a professional designer to help you develop prototypes. Besides that, look for a manufacturer that has a team of in-house designers. This way, you will save cash while getting professional help.

Your requirements should highlight everything from the shape and design to the colors you want. You should also research the best materials for making quality button badges.

Choose the Right Metal and Enamel

The quality of your button badges relies on the quality of the materials and finish. You can choose between soft or hard enamel. However, your choice will depend on the details that will be on the button badge.

Soft enamel is the best choice if you have a more detailed design. Soft enamel badges are also cheaper to produce than hard enamel badges. However, hard enamel badges are more durable and of higher quality.

Get a Quote

It is important to review the market rates before you place your order. Most button badge manufacturers will give you a quote tailored to your needs and design requirements. This quote will help you compare prices from different manufacturers.

Once you find the best button badges in the UK, you can place your order. Double-check everything, especially the design, quality, and other necessary details before signing the contract. You can also request a sample to assess the quality and get feedback from your clients before proceeding with mass production.

Wrapping Up

The tips in this guide will help you find the best button badges in the UK. You can sell the badges or use them to promote your brand. Promotional badges can come in handy during trade fairs and career events in schools. 

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