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Security Fencing Solutions

Security Fencing Solutions

If you are searching for security fencing solutions, there are many options available. From Chain link fences to Industrial grade aluminum fences to steel hoardings, there are many options for you to choose from. Depending on the application, you can even choose a different design for your security fence. In addition to the above-mentioned options, you can also customize your security fence to fit your needs. To learn more, read on to learn about other options for security fencing. If you are looking for security fencing solutions visit this website east.fencewright.com.au

Chain link fences

When evaluating chain link fences as security fencing solutions, consider the types of selvages that can be woven into the fabric. In residential projects, knuckle-knuckle selvages are used, which are rounded on one end and twisted vertically, creating a “barb” that protrudes about an inch above the fabric. The twisted selvages add additional security along the top rails of the fence.

Steel fittings are a much higher-security option than cast aluminum. High-security fencing uses steel fittings, which are tack-welded into place after installation. Tack welding makes it more difficult for an intruder to pry a fence open. Razor coils, meanwhile, aren’t legal on most sites in Canada, but they are an effective deterrent. In addition to using a chain-link fence as a security fence, it can also deter trespassing.

Industrial-grade aluminum fences

Aside from security, an aluminum fence also improves the aesthetic appearance of a property. Not only is the fence cost-effective per linear foot, it also requires minimal maintenance. It is an excellent choice for residential properties and other security installations. Aluminum fences provide high esthetic value and secure access control, making them the perfect security fencing solution for any type of property. Aside from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a property, aluminum fences also offer great longevity.

An industrial aluminum fence is the strongest and toughest type of aluminum fencing available. It is most commonly used in industrial premises where privacy and security are of paramount importance. Industrial aluminum fences can reach up to 10 feet tall and provide a strong barrier against theft. Since aluminum is non-reactive to moisture and weather conditions, the metal requires very little maintenance and cleaning. Because aluminum is an extremely cost-effective solution, it is often compared to wrought iron fences in terms of both cost and appearance.

Steel hoarding fencing

Often viewed as a poor security solution for residential developments, steel hoarding is a low-cost, temporary fencing solution that can provide the ultimate level of protection. Its vertical tubes fit into rubber block feet or hi-visibility fence feet, and a channel runs the length of the panels to secure the corrugated steel sheets in place. Here are a few of the benefits of steel hoarding:

One of the most popular benefits of steel hoarding fencing is its versatility. It can be custom-painted or adorned with barbed wire, and is highly durable, allowing it to be used in a variety of different applications. Compared to wooden hoarding, steel hoarding will also last for longer and resist weather better than other materials. While wooden hoarding is more stylish, steel hoarding fencing offers more protection and is more durable than other types of fencing.

Mesh fences

In Europe, mesh fences are almost completely replacing chain links. They are highly secure, cannot be cut, and have no toe or foothold. The wire mesh is also galvanized after welding, adding an additional layer of molten zinc to the welded steel joint, eliminating premature rusting. These properties make mesh fences an excellent choice for security fencing solutions. They are also highly attractive, providing privacy and peace of mind for property owners.

Wire mesh fences are another excellent option for perimeter security. Their unique design offers visual screening while balancing the need to deter attack and delay the attacker. WireWorks’ anti-climb fences feature welded wire mesh that makes it difficult to cut or scale, making it impossible for an attacker to get through the material. These fences can be made of a wide range of RAL colors, including black, brown, and blue.

Palisade fences

Metal palisade fencing is commonly used across many sectors and is often an inexpensive perimeter security solution. It is also easy to install, particularly on sloping terrain. This makes metal palisade fencing an attractive option for rural applications. Unfortunately, this security solution has several disadvantages. Its palisade pales can be removed by using common tools such as car jacks. This can be a liability issue for those who are concerned about their property’s security.

A disadvantage of palisade fencing is its intimidating appearance. In fact, this type of fence can reach up to three metres in height, with each pale a different height. It can be impaled or have additional security toppings, such as spikes. These features increase the overall security of the fence. Further, the security of palisade fencing is bolstered by the fact that its height can be increased by a second lift.


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