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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Bar Equipment Checklist for Beginners

Bar Equipment Checklist

The indicators of a high-class bar are delicious drinks and high-quality equipment. Do not miss your chance to purchase a commercial kegerator for sale and find out what other tools are required to start your own bar.

What Equipment Is Used in a Bar?

Each bartender improves daily, comes up with new cocktails and drinks, and tries to serve them as best as he can. Such a process would not be possible without the basic tools that all bartenders need to have:

  • kegerators with towers and connection kits;
  • craft beer dispensing stations;
  • different beer tap towers and wine-on-tap systems;
  • bar cooling systems with glycol or ice inside;
  • refrigerators of different sizes, configurations and capacities.

The set of each bar manager differs from another in the number of items, and the presence of special devices and containers. It all depends on the bartender’s need for additional tools. Despite all the nuances, the arsenal of the majority includes such basic positions:

  • shakers designed to mix ingredients into a single consistency;
  • madlers used to crash and reveal the smell and taste of solid ingredients;
  • strainers made of stainless steel with small holes for filtering the drinks;
  • bar spoons with an elongated shape for the more accurate formation of the layer in shots;
  • jiggers that can replace a measuring cup, as they consist of two bowls with different volumes;
  • ice tongs and tools for decor.

Tableware significantly affects the guest’s first impression of the drink and often the taste. There is a huge variety of containers of various shapes, volumes, and materials.

The amount of equipment costs for opening a bar depends on what drinks you want to offer to your future customers. The more complex it is, the more expensive its repair and maintenance. Also, you will need to train staff to use all the tools properly.

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