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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

What Ronaldo Said After the Game Will Shock You


Cristiano Ronaldo’s display of attitude during the Champions League final between Juventus and Liverpool was shocking, to say the least. As soon as the whistle blew at the end of the match, Ronaldo was seen shouting obscenities at his teammate Dani Alves, who was on the ground in tears after suffering an injury during the game. Other players rushed over to console him, but Ronaldo kicked at them and kept on shouting obscenities until he was dragged away by coaches and team managers. Read more to find out what he said!

What he said

Before you, Messi. Obviously, that is not what he actually said. If that were true, it would be both hilarious and potentially controversial; after all, he beat Lionel Messi’s team by himself to clinch a Champions League title for his own club. But despite what he said, Ronaldo will now forever be seen as one of the greatest soccer players in history thanks to his goalscoring prowess on one of Europe’s biggest stages.

Why it’s amazing

Cristiano Ronaldo was asked after a game what he would say to his daughter if she ever played soccer. What he said surprised everyone: I’d tell her that it’s better to do what your mom and dad do, rather than being a female in a male-dominated sport. The player earned his 200th professional goal during Sunday’s match against Granada. His message came in reaction to that accomplishment and others, like winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or award last year, which has led people to call him one of the greatest athletes in history. [Source]

How it applies to us

This year, soccer players from around the world gathered in Brazil to compete for World Cup supremacy. Although both teams played with great heart and conviction, one team rose above, lifting their nation into a state of exuberance. With that win comes intense media scrutiny, but some negative consequences can be harder to handle than others. For example: Heading into their second match against Croatia, some players are complaining of hearing loss and ear-ringing due to post-traumatic stress (PTS). This can be traumatic enough on its own without having to worry about losing your voice right before you’re set to give an important presentation at work or face a tough competitor in your next round of golf.


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