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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


dirty carpet

A carpet improves the appearance of any room and contributes to a comfortable and warm feel of the room. The fact that it is on the floor means that it is exposed to all kinds of dirt from foot traffic. Hence, regular cleaning is vital to ensure that your carpet doesn’t harbor dangerous germs and bacteria. A dirty rug accumulates dust mites, allergens, and bacteria, posing a severe health risk when neglected. Below is a list of the health problems associated with exposure to a dirty carpet.

Dirty carpets may cause respiratory problems.

When you don’t regularly vacuum your carpet, it accumulates dust, dirt, bacteria, germs, microorganisms like mold, and other pollutants in between the fibers. Over time, your carpet gets packed with pet hair, food spills, and even your own dead skin cells. All these contaminants are a good food source for dust mites and other bacteria in the carpet.

Although dust mites do not bite, their feces spread into the air as you walk on the carpet, and they can trigger asthma attacks, wheezing, a runny nose, and other respiratory problems. Therefore expert rug cleaning Redondo beach is always worth it to prevent respiratory problems by ensuring a clean carpet.

It may cause athletes feet.

Did you know that a dirty carpet may cause athletes’ feet? Now you know. Athletes foot is a fungus that affects the toes and causes a nasty smell of your feet. You are most likely to contract it from someone. For instance, if a member of your family has athletes’ feet and walks barefoot on your carpet, everyone else is a risk of catching it. Also, pests like mice and cockroaches can transfer the fungus from someone else’s house to yours. Thankfully, regular carpet cleaning significantly reduces the pollutants present in your carpet fibers.

It plays host to all sorts of germs.

A dirty carpet is a home for all sorts of germs. Even if you always take off your shoes before walking on the carpet, other family members may not, and your pet doesn’t either. We transfer dirt from the outside to the carpet through the shoes. Even pets bring in more germs from their pet hair. This is very dangerous healthwise, especially if you have kids because they don’t know how to avoid anything that touches the floor. That is why you should maintain clean carpets in the home or office to ensure good health.

It can cause stomach illness.

A dirty carpet is not friendly to your health at all. It hosts mycotoxins which can cause serious stomach irritation and illness. Mycotoxins emanate from mold, which can go unseen on your carpet for a long time. Your dirty carpet could be the home for salmonella which can put your family members, especially kids, at risk.

Keep your carpet clean and healthy.

Regular vacuuming at least every week goes a long way in keeping your carpet clean. Always ensure you vacuum all the dirt and clean spills as they occur. Also, it is crucial to have your carpet deep cleaned by professionals every six months to eliminate the trapped dirt and germs.

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