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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Avoid Doing These 3 Things With Your Android Phone


Young buddies are too much crazy about their mobile phones and computers. But trust me, most of the time, they do some horrible thing with their phone, which is liable to damage their phone soon. Most of the time, they think dcb_association managing only matters to their mobile phone using. But trust me, this is a wrong idea. Instead, you should avoid the three habits that we are going to mention in this article. It will help you to increase the lifespan of your current mobile phone.

Extreme charging

Our old generation has this concept that charging too much is good. But trust me, it will make your phone damaged soon. The battery of any phone has limited ability to charge. If you charge more than its capacity, then it will be started to make the battery drain. And soon, the battery was going to die. So don’t charge significantly if your phone is getting full. Often, I found people started to charge their phone before going to sleep at night and unplug from the charge after the night.

Rooting phone

This is a fantastic thing to have the chance to use different rom in a single mobile phone. For that reason, some people are going to root their mobile phones. But remember, if you root your mobile phone, then OS will lose the proper control from the hardware. For this reason, the new OS can do more performance, and because of overpressure, hardware will damage permanently.

Testing virus

This is an evil practice of using your mobile phone as a virus tester. There are a lot of people who are working as computer programmers. In student life or other time, they have to make some little virus. At that time, they have run the virus on their mobile phone. If you have used this thing on your mobile phone, then it can hamper your hardware permanently. So keep avoiding using your phone as a virus tester.

Then again, I found some people are playing heavy games on their mobile phones but have heavy covers. This is a bad practice too. Remember your hardcover will keep your phone away from becoming excellent. So if you are a regular mobile gamer, then try to avoid hardcover. This is too much important to have a proper cooling system. Whatever, if you can avoid all those things from your mobile phone, it will increase your phone lifespan and keep performance like a rocket for a long time.

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