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Wednesday, April 10, 2024
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Know About the Different Kinds of Hanging Lights for Your Home and Its Advantages


We always desire to make our houses look stunning. Lights are not just used to light up our homes but also to add beauty and style. hanging lights have been used in homes for centuries. While considering the interior design of a home, hanging lights play a major role. But most of us do not recognize much about the different kinds of hanging lights, so naturally, we effortlessly get confused when we are about to select one. Let us take a look at the different types of hanging lights usually used in our houses.

  • Chandeliers

Chandeliers are branched lights installed on the ceiling & are used mostly for decorative purposes. They include two or more arms on which lights are placed in an array. These arms are generally made out of crystal or metal. Unlike a metallic chandelier, a crystal one has outstanding beauty when lit up.

  • Hanging swag lamps

In a hanging swag lamp, a chain is “swaged” between two or additional points of the lamp to hang it from the ceiling and therefore got that name.

  • Pendant lights

These are a different variety of hanging lights and are used frequently in modern houses. A pendant light is also called a drop or suspender. These are light structures balanced by the help of a rod or chain from the roof.

The hanging light fixtures offer adaptable height and brightness to the users. If you know the lighting needs of the place then you would find it simple to choose the fixtures of the right height. And that would provide a boost to the overall lighting of the place. The main benefits of using hanging light fixtures are given below.

Control of brightness:

Hanging fixtures can be set up to fit the light high up or low down. The lesser the light is fixed the brighter would the light be specified with the same power use by the electric lamp. In particular, if you live in a home with a high ceiling such as 18 feet, you would certainly desire to fix your lights much below the ceiling levels to increase the brightness of your home.

Mange light spread:

The spread of the light can be managed by adjusting the height of the hanging light set up. If you desire to spread the light to wide areas then you shall have to fix the light higher up. That means, the brightness of the light will be smaller but it will reach out to more distant locations.

Control of freeness of movement:

You need to set up the light using the hanging fixture such that you get adequate space to move around. If your relative’s members are tall then you can enhance the height of the light from the ground consequently. This adjustment is simple to do. So, your movement remains free of obstacles and free from fear of hitting the pendant with your brow.

Boost in decor:

Contemporary hanging light fixtures are accessible in grand looks & designs. You might want to match with the pendant or contrast by your room. Or you might want to stick to your favorite color. With plenty of choices available, you can effortlessly find the right light hanging fixture that will please your taste.

Besides hanging lights, you can purchase bedroom lamps to boost your home décor experience. Urban Ladder is a leading provider of home décor items and lighting fixtures.

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