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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Bamboo Cultivation

Bamboo Cultivation
Bamboo cultivation is very simple and easy because you do not have to give too much of your time to grow bamboo and they grow up on their own and give you maximum profit.
All you need to do is to plant bamboo crops on land or land and they grow without any help by themselves and are sold very expensively.
Bamboo is kept in the species of trees. And this is a type of tree. Bamboo is planted in the month of July.
After that, due to the month of Sawan, that is, the water of Barsat, they themselves grow up and make more and more money for the farmers. Mylyrics
The funniest thing is that you can also grow bamboo on barren soil. With this, your land will become fertile from barren and you will get a lot of profit from bamboo cultivation.
Bamboo is grown all over India. Such as – Odisha, Bengal, Karnataka, Bihar, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, etc.


Bamboo is a type of tree that looks like a plant but they are a type of tree. Bamboo is kept in the species of trees. Bamboo is flexible and can be cut easily. There are many types of bamboo, out of which there are two.
The first is the common bamboo and the second is found in the forests. Bamboo found in the forests is called bon-bamboo.
You can apply bamboo on any ground, there should only be a place for water to come out of the ground and the soil should be light because it does not grow in heavy soil.

Climate for bamboo

Bamboo cultivation is easy as well, you can cultivate bamboo in any climate. For bamboo cultivation, the temperature should be at least 8 ° C and a maximum of 36 ° C. Mean temperature of 8-36 ° C is appropriate for cultivation.

Soil for Bamboo

To plant bamboo, you need a good and light clay ground. And there should be a place of water coming out of the ground and the water should not be deposited in the ground at all.
What will happen to this is that bamboo crops rot due to water and they do not grow. Soil should be light to grow bamboo because bamboo does not grow in heavy soil and its roots do not spread.

Bamboo Planting

Bamboo seeds are first planted in the ground and then when they sprout, 2 -3 beans. When grown, they are re-planted and coined at another location and after planting them, light water is added to them and planted in the months of June and July. So that you have to put less water in it and also have to reduce hard work.

Fertilizer and fertilizer for bamboo

You do not need much fertilizer and fertilizer for bamboo cultivation, but to grow and grow well, manure is added to it.
When you re-plant the seeds, you have to give 3 kg of FYM manure pulses in the fabrication that is done. Then they will automatically grow and become thicker.

Bamboo Irrigation

To cultivate bamboo, you need to irrigate continuously. When you plant bamboo in the first month, then you should give it water daily. And after one month, water should be given after one day. After that, water should be given as per need.
Therefore, I will tell you the months of June and July to cultivate bamboo because these months are of the rainy season and the natural rain in them will make your work easier and they will become bigger than themselves.

Use of bamboo

Bamboo is used in many works. Such as: – In making baskets, mats, ladders, and enclosing trees. Soft parts of bamboo are also eaten. And bamboo is also used in the eyes that you use your eyes.

Benefits provided by the government to bamboo cultivation

You will benefit yourself by cultivating bamboo, as well as the government is also giving you profits.
For this, you have to talk to your head or village sarpanch, after that the bamboo crop is given by the government and you only have to plant it on your land.
After this, you have to take care of him, after that he will grow up, then you have to sell him according to the market value and you will make a lot of profit in it, that too after making a little bit of effort and earning you. Can be good enough.


Hope you have understood very well how bamboo is cultivated and what are the benefits of bamboo cultivation. If you have any problem or problems, then you can comment to us or contact us directly via our email.
Thank you
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