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Monday, May 20, 2024

Managing A Fleet For Pest Control Services In London Using Modern Technology

Managing A Fleet For Pest Control Services In London Using Modern Technology

Most pest control companies in London that want to restrict the use of the company vehicles outside of work hours would have in place some form of tracking device within their vans. What may appear as a punitive scheme is nothing more than a cost control exercise.

But beyond controlling the unauthorized use of the vehicle outside work, the tracker technology combines with the fuel cards really help to torment a good driving culture. My tracker service allows me to track harsh cornering, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and speeding. It all comes to a score that can be compared with other vehicles.

The benefit, it that by communicating to the technician what they need to improve on, you highlight the consciousness that their driving is being taken into account in their overall work performance. At Inoculant Pest Control, we have never punished any technician on the basis of the tracker score as such, but they weighed heavily on our assessments and on occasions led to termination.

I only recall two instances that got branded in my mind.


Managing A Fleet For Pest Control Services In London Using Modern Technology


I was but 18yo, fresh after high school, going on to the university, and the father of my girlfriend got me that gig in a plumbing company. I worked there for the two summer months. And the one memory that stuck with me is how all the staff were punishing their vans. 1- If they would break, it is one day they would have it easy??? 2- but the main underlying motive was to punish their company/boss.

The second thing that struck me was when I was going for a pest control mice job in Camden. I saw a driving behavior that was punishing the van but that would never be picked up by any tracker device. So where to draw the line? There are also cameras that can be fitted in the cabinet recording both the inside and the outside of the vehicle. Some may allow not only recording but live streaming.

On one hand, all that technology seems very oppressive.

But is also a very useful tool. In many instances, we fail to get in touch with a technician due to poor reception or any other reason. So the tracker allows us to pinpoint their location and communicate to the client how far away they are.

On a CRM system, I was looking at, they would use the GPS of the mobile to actually track the technician rather than the vehicle. The benefit was that the application would send notifications automatically to the office and clients when a job would be completed and of their ETA to the next client.

Suddenly Technology in the form of trackers and CRM systems becomes your friend as it removes from the equation a number of unnecessary calls and stress. The technician can concentrate on carrying Pest Control in London, and the office can concentrate on customer service.

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