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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Read It! How To Create A Wholesale Line Sheet?

Read It! How To Create A Wholesale Line Sheet?


As a wholesale business owner, you want to see your products in the brick and mortar stores. For this, you need to approach the store owners and convince them to buy your products. But how are you going to show them what you have to sell? 

Are you going to showcase each item you have in your product line to every buyer who is interested in buying your products? Obviously, it is not possible to present your product line in this way. You need to have all the product information in one place. You need to create a line sheet.

A line sheet- an essential selling tool:

Have you ever created a line sheet? If you are in the wholesale business, then there are chances that you have made it for someone. But if you are new in the industry and don’t know what it is, take a look below:

A line sheet is a handy little document that contains all the information about the products a business wants to sell. It contains all the information necessary for the buyer to decide on purchasing the products.

The line sheets include vital information about a brand’s collection that makes the buying process seamless. Many businesses think that why they need to make a line sheet when they are getting customers already. A little they know is that making a line sheet can help them boost sales and take their business to another level.

How to use a line sheet?

Before getting into the details about how to create a wholesale line sheet, you need to know how you can use it to boost sales. No matter what your strategy is for connecting with the customers, you need a line sheet.

Today, it has become quite difficult for businesses to even survive. They need to come up with different strategies to win. So, if you are planning to start a wholesale business, then you must have a line sheet ready in your hands. A line sheet is a sales tool used by every product-based business to show what it has to offer to its customers. 

Bear in mind that a well-designed line sheet can make the difference. When you have all the product information in one place, it makes a great impression on potential buyers. It makes them realize that you are a professional and who does not want to work with professionals. Whether you are heading to a trade show or targeting the store owners, a great line sheet can help you seize the opportunity. 

How to make a line sheet?

You are making a line sheet for the first time but don’t know where to start? Take a look below to find out how you can make an effective line sheet:

  • Basic information:

Making a line sheet can be a daunting task, especially when you are making it for the first time. There are several things you need to consider. You have to be clear about everything you write in the line sheet, but the problem is that you cannot use long paragraphs to describe anything. You need to use fewer words to explain everything. 

Let’s start making a great line sheet that will help you bring more customers into the business and boost sales. Start the process of making a line sheet by providing your basic information. Add your business name and logo in the line sheet. Many small businesses do not pay attention to their logo. Bear in mind that your logo is the identity of your brand. It is something that helps you get recognition. Whenever the buyer sees your logo, he will immediately recognize that it’s your brand. 

Then add your contact information. Make sure that the contact numbers you have added are correct because the buyer will place an order using those numbers, and if the numbers are incorrect, how would he be able to contact you. Now include your brand story in fewer words. You cannot use long paragraphs to tell what your brand is. Be precise. 

  • Product information:

In the next section, you have to include all the information about your product line. Add product images in the line sheet and don’t get fancy. You should use colorful images with a white or neutral background.

The buyer will focus on the products, not on their background, so never use images with a colorful background as they will divert all the attention. Always use high-quality images in the line sheet as you will not be able to write paragraphs to describe your products. You can impress the buyer by using the images only.

Then add the item number or name to make it easy for the buyer to remember the products. It is completely up to you how you would like to number your items. Tell the potential buyers about the different sizes and numbers available.

Now add the wholesale price and suggested retail price. It is highly important to set the process carefully in order to prevent loss.

  • Wholesale information:

In the third section of the line sheet, you include all the wholesale information. Since the purpose of making a line sheet is to make the buying process seamless, state everything clearly. There should not be any ambiguity regarding the prices or shipping/return policy.

Tell the customer how quickly you can fill and ship the order? Always be realistic if you want to maintain a long term relationship with the buyer. If you brag about the lead time, you may lose customers.

Is the buyer responsible for the shipping cost, or would you cover it? Include all the necessary details about your shipping policy. Tell them about what is your preferred shipping company. State your return policy clearly in the line sheet to avoid any hassle in the future. What payment methods you accept? The buyer will be interested in knowing if you accept payment through credit cards or PayPal, etc.?

Tips for making a great line sheet:

A line sheet is an essential selling tool that helps people boost sales. Not only it boosts their sales, but it makes a great first impression on the potential buyers too. If you are making a line sheet for the first time, you may be a little confused, but once you understand the purpose of making a line sheet and what information it must contain, then things become quite easier.

It is a document that you hand over to the retailer, so it must be well-organized. Bear in mind that your line sheet is the representation of your business, so make it perfect.

Here are a few tips that can help you in this regard:

  • Make it to-the-point:

You want to impress potential buyers to make him purchase your products, and a line sheet is a simple document that helps you do that. You want him to immediately see what the product is, what its price is, and how he can place an order. Do not add any extra information that has nothing to do with the buying process.

There is no need to write long paragraphs as the retailers do not have time to read them. All they are interested in is the product and how they can place an order. So, make your line sheet to-the-point and add no frills at all.

  • Customization works:

A ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work with line sheets as different retailers have different needs. You should use different versions of a line sheet to target different buyers. Make sure that a line sheet you are making caters to the particular customer you are sending it to. It sends a message to the retailer that you can identify what in your collection is good for his store. Making a customized line sheet leaves a great impression on potential buyers/suppliers and ultimately increases your sales.

  • Make it simple:

Line sheets are made to make a great impression on clients, so people think it should be fancy. But the key to making a great line sheet is making it simple. Your line sheet should simply answer all the questions of the retailer at a glance. It should be well-organized and simple. Do not make retailers search for anything.

The simplicity of the document makes the pitch painless for both buyer and the seller. The product information should be in an organized fashion and make sure you use a bullet point list so that the buyer can find the information he needs. Don’t forget to review it before sending it to the potential buyers, as it is quite easy to find errors in the sheet. And if there are any mistakes in the sheet, the whole impression will be ruined.

Line sheets help you make a great impression:

You might have heard that the first impression is the last impression and a line sheet is something that helps you make a great first impression on retailers. You want to showcase your products in the best possible manner, so make sure you use high-quality images. The images you use in the line sheets are the first time the buyer has seen the product, so you have to make sure they look amazing. 

Most images in the line sheets are not that great. People do not spend money on quality images; rather, they focus on making the line sheet colorful and attractive. Remember, you have to use colorful images but with a light or neutral background. Also, make the line sheet simple, as described earlier. Instead of using colorful backgrounds to divert his attention, let the buyer really see the product. Lifestyle images are not best suited for line sheets, so do not use them. Save them for your catalog. 

To make a great impression on a potential buyer, add all the information, the buyer needs to place an order. Make sure that you add correct contact information in the sheet as the buyer would place an order using them. Also, state your shipping and return policy clearly to avoid any trouble in the future. You are supposed to tell him clearly about the payment methods you accept. Remember, you cannot use long paragraphs to explain everything. Just use fewer words and state what you want to.

It’s time to grow your brand!

You are planning to grow your brand, then start making great line sheets to attract more customers. The purpose of making a line sheet is not to tell the buyer why they should buy your products. 

It tells them how they can buy your products. Think from a buyer’s perspective. What information he needs to place an order, and what information can help him decide whether it is worth buying from you or not. It will help you draft a great line sheet that will be pleasant enough to grab the attention of the retailer at a glance. 


You may be getting customers already, but making a line sheet can really take your business to a whole new level. You will see an increase in your sales and a boost in your profits. So, instead of wasting your time calling and convincing potential buyers, send them your line sheet and show how professional you are. 

Since creating a line sheet is a time-consuming task, you can hire a graphic designer as well. But most businesses cannot afford to pay high amounts to graphics designers. You can make a great line sheeting yourself. All you need to know is why a line sheet is made and what information to include in it. Then review it and send it to potential buyers through email.

The retailers receive many line sheets every day, so when your line sheet would be pleasant and attractive, it would not be buried under the mountain of papers. The buyer will take a look at our products and decide whether or not to buy them. A well-organized line sheet can actually help brands get recognition and increase sales.

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