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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Benefits Of wearing A Red Coral Gemstone

Benefits Of wearing A Red Coral Gemstone


Many people believe in the fact that wearing gemstones can increase some positivity in their lives and take them to the right direction. There are several gemstones that one can wear and each of them comes with their own unique qualities. But it is good idea to consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone because not all gemstones are for everyone.

When it comes to varieties of gemstones, Red Coral or Moonga stone is a popular one. This is a strikingly red stone which is also known by the names Pagadam and Rakta Prabal. This gemstone is mostly found naturally in the dark parts of the Sea. They are the leafless bushes which are intermeshed with the hard calcium carbonate under the Sea. Red Corals are organic and they are the natural gemstones that are found from the skeletons of the Polyps that are deposited together.

This stone has some unique properties like they are hard and durable and it is also tough which comes in intense red or sometimes pink in colour.

Red Coral Gemstone or Moonga Benefits and Properties

Here are some valuable details about the stone. The Red Coral is a matte stone when it is in its natural form but they can always be polished to a glossy shine and is used widely to make jewellery. They do come in a lot of colours ranges like pale pink, reddish-pink and deep red. But yes, sometimes they it can be found in some other colours as well like saffron, scarlet, white and very rarely blue or black.

They are also worn for a lot of astrological benefits because as being a gemstone according to studies, it has healing properties for both health and mind. Red Corals are cut into oval shapes or capsule shapes and they are used for stone rings. There is another shape available which is the triangle shape but many people believe that they are not strong enough when it comes to astrological benefits.

This stone is mostly produced in Italy as this place is the oldest producer of gemstones. Italian Red Coral is considered to be the best quality of this stone. Japan and China has also been producing this stone in recent years and they are also found in France, Spain, Sicily and India.

This stone is considered to an ancient stone and coral jewellery is being worn for more than 1000 years. Ancient Europeans and Egyptians wore this gemstone jewellery a lot. This is also used in India since 3000 BC. A lot of locals used to wear coral ornaments.

Red Coral meaning in Astrology:

As per the Vedic astrology, this stone which is also known as the Laal Moonga is connected to the planet of Mars. It is also believed that this stone can nullify the malefic effects of the Mars or the Mangal Graha. Mars is a plant of energy, war, vitality and courage. The red colour of it is the symbol of blood and perseverance in human life.

Red Coral Astrological Benefits:

If someone is poorly placed in Mars according to their birth charts and horoscopes then they can face a lot of issues. They can suffer from irritating attitude, increase in expenditure, weakness, lack of stability, impotency and an unhappy marital relationship. There can also be some health related issues like blood problems and pregnancy problems. If one can wear a red coral jewellery then it can help to alleviate the negative effects of Mars on one. But to get the benefits, one must consult a qualified astrologer first.

If one is advised to wear this as a gemstone, then one can buy it from a reputed gemstone dealer. One can try Khannagems because they are in the market for more than 30 years dealing with authentic gemstones. They also provide certified ones and so they are very much reliable.

Red corals are mostly for people who are from Mesh or Vrischik Raashi (Aries and Scorpio) and after wearing this stone, one can get some favourable effects. This can also be worn by people who belong to other signs like Pisces, Cancer and Sagittarius depending on their birth charts.


  • This gemstone can benefit the children hugely by healing them health wise. In fact, this stone can work as a protector who works as police officers, soldiers, surgeons and athletes xtreme fitness.
  • Triangle moonga stone can be great when one wants to enhance their physical strength, vitality and energy. It also increases the amount of self confidence in one and one can us them rightly in the area of political and social spheres.
  • This stone can benefit the wearer with the quality of perseverance and they also inject the right amount of courage in them so that they can face and solve any troublesome matter.
  • Natural red coral stones can remove the obstacles which can give the impetus in the fortitude of adversity.
  • If one is too lazy and tend to procrastinate on a regular basis then this stone can bring stability and the right amount of energy to their lives.
  • This stone also brings stability in one’s life; especially to those who wants to get married. They also solve any pregnancy related issues and so it can work for one to have a better conjugal life.
  • This stone also has some health benefits. They can prevent fever, impotency, abortion, piles, small pox and more.
  • It is also believed that wearing a red coral can give relief to physical problems that are related to blood. It can heal bone related issues as well like, arthritis and rheumatism along with knee joint pains.

One can also wear them as jewellery and not just as a gemstone. One can look for coral pendants, necklace and bracelets to add to their accessory box. The glossiness of the stone can be maintained by polishing it at a regular interval. But if one is wearing them as a gemstone, it is best to attach it to a ring before wearing.

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